Our Mission

Our values

Its About People

Our employees as our assets. We collaborate, nurture relationships, celebrate and work together as a close knit family


We love the enthusiasm and energy that our clients bring to the table. We are a 21st century company that has evolved, tried, tested, experimented everything there is or has been in the customer support segment.


We believe in inspiring and empowering each other as a team. We nurture and hone the best talents and it is with their hard work and determination that we aspire to do better each day!


It is the dreamwork! Teams at Teams.ph are an extension of your core units that are focused on bringing the best results and customer satisfaction to the table. Teams can do more, learn more and deliver more with collective collaboration and sharing.

Work is fun

We work for clients who are very passionate about what they do and we like to carry the same passion and voice to their customer support lines. We like to make work fun and a place to relate, grow, nurture each other. What can we say, we do not like boring!

Strive for perfection

We are tenacious, determined and persistent. We like to get stuff done. We learn quickly, improvise our efforts and stay focused on what we need to achieve and where we started.

Suvidh Marwaha
Founder & CEO

Suvidh Marwaha


From over a decade, we have seen outsourcing market evolve and revolutionize the way businesses work and operates. We got our big break when when Tim Ferris, wrote about us in his new york times best seller “4-hour workweek”. We adopted, nurtured and honed the virtual assistant market and still offer that service to small businesses. We saw our clients grow from few members to a team working for them. We started supporting many businesses as back office support teams, offering them 24-7 support. We grew with our clients from small teams of few people to too many. And the rest, as they say, is history!

We did get our fare share of media attention, sometimes more than what we are used to. It was because of our attention to detail, quality and sheer determination to improve the way businesses did work; that CNN and CBC news filmed & covered our operations back in the day when we provided only virtual assistant services. We have grown exponentially since then. Our Founder& CEO has done numerous interviews and he always emphasizes on how important it is to leverage global talent to bring out the best of work!
Today, we are a company with global presence. While we are expanding our operations and working with businesses of all sizes and markets, we keep ourselves grounded and still work as a family. Our core values guide us and always help us deliver the best results for our clients.

Our clients trust us with their core and integral work functions and we are their global outsourcing provider who offers scalability; flexibility and quality customer support across all touch points and channels. We customize their back office and customer support solutions that focus on creating unique and memorable customer experiences. We know the passion and hard work that goes in building a business and respect the trust that our clients show in our work.
If you’re looking for help or just want to be a part of our amazing journey, we welcome you!