Effectively Managing, Monetizing, and Refining your business processes!

Why you need backoffice support

Your core competency revolves around your product line and services. While your core team is working relentlessly on developing new products or innovating the next big thing, there are a lot of daily ongoing processes that need to be taken care of. These vary based on your industry type and the sector ( B2B, B2C) you operate in. These behind the scene functions are an integral part of the value chain and need to be executed perfectly. More often than not, businesses stretch their internal teams to cover and manage these, which results in inefficiencies and in the long run costs more money and man-hours.


Collaborating with a strategic long term partner helps you to overcome business challenges, as outsourcing is not merely saving you money, it is making your process more streamlined, giving you access to the best talent & technology needed for the job , while empowering your brand & giving you opportunities of expansion and growth. Outsourcing is a smarter way of doing business!

Free up resources
Save money
Improve your operational efficiencies
Focus on key competencies

Adding value to your business and building relationships

Teams.ph is your outsourcing partner who has the expertise, infrastructure, experience and the right talent to execute your back office functions seamlessly.
We take care of your back office functions including but not limited to

  • Fraud detection & Prevention
  • Photo retouching & Content moderation
  • Data input & Analytics
  • Order fulfillment
  • Maintenance repair & Operations
  • Travel & Logistics
  • CRM’s
  • Machine Learning Support
  • Transcription
  • Account management services


We have flexible and scalable solutions to help you build team of any size at any time. With maximized talent on board, you do not have to worry about scalability to adapt to changing customer demand or seasonal cycles. You gain access to the best talent which is powered with the right technology & training without worrying about the HR, IT, or other resources that you might need if you were to do it all in house.

we work as an extension of your core team

Our Advantage

Our backoffice specialists are a part of this millenial generation and understand that technology is not just a tool but as a means of empowerment. Our staff is well versed with latest social media tools be it Hootsuite or CRMs like marketo, Zoho, Salesforce, zendesk, google apps, flowdock, hipchat and other SaaS.


When we collaborate with startups they are often surprised to know how tech savvy our agents are. Be it a new product you are developing or a software that needs human training, we have the ability to take on new technologies, offer support and continuously improve processes while utilizing data and implementing savings along the way!